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Warping, the destroyer of prints! Post By ricardobrooks - 8/8/2018 14:20:43

Well a rather overly dramatic title I know, but I am increasingly finding warping to be the number one issue I have with printing models accurately.Just last night I was printing a rather elaborate Dizingof design, only to find due to the upwards curl of the more delicate parts the print finally got snagged on the wind barrier and was dislodged, leaving me with a lovely bird's nest. Other times with parts that have larger flat bases the edges curl. This makes for a difficult join if printing a large part in 2 or more pieces. And others split in the side wall as the layers rise.I realise this is a limitation of printing in the open, and not having a closed heated box like the more expensive industrial machines.Other than this I am really impressed with the UP, and after months of printing still find myself sitting there mesmerized like a deer in the headlights watching it do its thing. I just wondered how many others suffer from the WARP??

Please help.

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