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Exciting news! ArtsCow.com has acquired new Xeron iGen4 Digital Press! Post By Berry - 14/4/2009 17:51:46
ArtsCow.com thanks you all of your supports, we are so excited that we have acquired the new Xeron iGen4, which offers you the best printing quality ever! Get your photo books printed with the new Xerox iGen4, which is the most highest quality digital press in the printing industry!

What you will expect on your new photo books with iGen4:

-Best high-definition & sharp image quality (no more pixelated image!)
-Vibrant colors & smooth color reproduction
-Uniform color tone across the printed surface

Try and experience the new and powerful iGen4 with ArtsCow.com.
We are 100% guaranteed the new photo books will far exceed your needs and expectations!

You can Google "igen4" for more details.