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Urgent!! Help on my orders!!! Post By Adeline - 16/6/2009 22:04:39

I made 2 orders on the same day; only 13 mins apart.

Why is the status of Order #967376 "Payment OK" while Order #969550 is "Waiting Payment"?

Btw, pls note that the quantity is 1 for Order #969550, which is a 8x8 photo book (30p).

Pls let me know if Order #969550 is accepted. Thank you.
RE:Urgent!! Help on my orders!!! Post By Terri - 16/6/2009 23:44:25
I pay through Paypal and sometimes it take a day or so to say Payment Ok so don't worry about the status there. You'll get an email saying thank you for your order and another email when it is shipped. Hope that helps!
RE:Urgent!! Help on my orders!!! Post By Adeline - 17/6/2009 8:46:10
I just saw that the status is "Payment Failed" for Order #969550 (at 8.42am, SIN time). I went back to the cart and placed the order again.

AND it still gave me the "Waiting Payment" status.

What is happening? Can Artscow pls revert? I need the book urgently!

And this is the 4th time I clicked "Placed Order". Pls do not charge me for 4 books. I only want 1 copy.

RE:RE:Urgent!! Help on my orders!!! Post By Berry - 17/6/2009 10:19:36
hi Adeline,

Please try to checkout by paypal.

See Youtube instruction here:


RE:Urgent!! Help on my orders!!! Post By Adeline - 17/6/2009 10:38:57
Hi Berry,

Thanks for calling. It is nice talking to you!

I just changed the mode of payment to PayPal based on your instructions.
The status of my Order #969550 is now "PaymentOK" and I also saw the invoice.

Under Order History, there is only 1 order of the photobook that is "PaymentOK"....so I suppose I will not be charged more than once for this copy.

Now I look forward to the arrival of my book!

Thanks a lot!