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Shipment to Lithuania Post By Julius Andrikonis - 24/11/2009 22:45:43
I was quite surprised that Artscow does not ship to Lithuania. I wrote to the official support and I got this answer:


Sorry, we do not ship order to Lithuania. Thank you."

However they ship to all the neighbouring countries - Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Poland... What is the reason that Lithuania is somehow excluded from the list?
RE:Shipment to Lithuania Post By Julius Andrikonis - 19/1/2011 21:02:56
Is there any plans to start shipping to Lithuania?
RE:RE:Shipment to Lithuania Post By Catvinnat - 20/1/2011 3:01:07
Artscow usually stop shipping to a country when too may parcels 'go missing' or there is a high incidence of paypal fraud
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