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New thread for current coupons Post By Deborah - 21/5/2011 18:03:00
Free Photo Gifts – Mugs, Clocks and many more
.by ArtsCow on Friday, May 20, 2011 at 3:00am.
We love it when our members are happy and we can imagine the beaming smile on their faces when they see this. Validate the code and receive free credits for a bumper hamper full of photo gifts. Inside you will find mugs (x2), wall clocks, magic cubes (x3) and poker chips (x5); something suited for everyone!

Coupon Code: BIGSMILES

Expiry Date: 5/27/2011

Effective Period: 21 days

TIP: Validate the code now and use the free credits on saved projects. Free credits will be automatically applied to your order.

Log onto your Credit & Discount page and validate the coupon code.

Just love this one Artscow!!
This means that the clock will be just the price of the regular post which is just $9.99

I have some Free Wall clock templates that can be found at http://www.artscow.com/design-templates/deborah-wall-clock
Must order some of these for Christmas