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Image quality question Post By Weyoun - 10/7/2008 1:03:33
I'm working on my first photobook. I'm uploading high quality images but when I look in the client designer, the images look blurry. When the images are printed, will they look like the original uploaded files or will they look blurry as they do in the preview client designer?
RE:Image quality question Post By Elizabeth Mathis - 8/8/2008 4:27:44
Did you ever get a reply? I am having the same issue....
RE:Image quality question Post By Patricia Pointer - 2/11/2008 20:59:05
You mentioned uploading high quality images. Did it take you forever and ever to upload? I know there has to be a quicker way to upload. I've made several attempts, but it takes hours to upload a handful of photos.
RE:Image quality question Post By Berry - 2/11/2008 23:18:43
The book designer only show you 480 x 480 pixel at most, when you enlarge it, it will be blurry. The photo book printing will use your original images of course.