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Neale Cousland
Help - aligning photos for a double page spread Reply

    I need to split photos across 2 pages for double page spreads.

    I have read that it is not possible to align the 2 halves perfectly, but I'm confused about how to get the best result.

    Should I try to allow for bleed on the inside edge so that they look ok in the preview mode ... or do I just put them hard up against the outside edge in edit mode.

    ... or is it just too uncertain to be worth trying?

    Here's the book that I'm trying to finalise


13/7/2009 19:29:35

RE:Help - aligning photos for a double page spread Reply

    Not to fear, the difficulty lies in aligning the front & back COVERS w/ the spine. Pages are not so tricky.

    I like to start w/ one big photo, 16 1/4" x 8 1/4". Place the photo on each side and shift to get them to align in the center. Although the software shows a bleed at the spine, your book at 40 pages is still thin enough that the edges won't disappear into the binding.

    Here's an example of a page in my book from Silverlight. You can see where the gray bleed box is. Use the text on the film strip as a focus point.

    Here is the actual book. You can see that the text on the film strip is still visible. This was only a 20 page book, but I got my 100 page book today, and I can gauge that your 40 page book won't hide enough of the image to make a difference.

    As for your images which aren't an even split between the pages, I would still work with a 16 1/4" wide image so that the scale will work out between the pages.

    I hope this helps. Your book looks great. I'm jealous too, I've been wanting to go to Japan for many years!

    Best of Luck,
14/7/2009 4:07:07

Neale Cousland
RE:RE:Help - aligning photos for a double page spread Reply

    Thanks Alana
14/7/2009 20:05:36

RE:RE:RE:Help - aligning photos for a double page spread Reply

    Grrrr. I'm WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG. And I'm so sorry. Please forgive me.

    I just received my 100 page book and an altogether different issue ruined my pages. One page had kicked completely out of alignment such that a portion of the page which was INSIDE the bleed printed off the page. I will complain to Artscow about this, however I knew better. I know that in professional printing there is a safety line which should be allowed for within the bleed and cut line since the pages move around in the printer. Plus, the pages which end up adjacent in the book are not printed on the same sheet.

    I'm so sorry for my erroneous answer. If the books were being hand-done, it would be possible to align photos from one page to another. Since the printing process is automatic, there is no way to guarantee that pages will align. :(
18/7/2009 1:24:38
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