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Michelle Adams
Someone Please Help!! Barry?? Reply

    I have created a 8x8 20 page photo book and added 3 pages, so a total of 23 pages. When i am in the designer everything shows up right. but when i save and preview it is messed up, page 21 is on 23 but still labeled 21 and pages 21 and 22 are blank. I have gone back several times thinking it was a glitch but it is still wrong but it is correct in the designer. I can go from the copy in my cart to adjust and it appears correct from tere but when i preview pages are missing. I don't want to order this if it is going to be wrong.

    Please help!!
25/5/2009 17:42:51

RE:Someone Please Help!! Barry?? Reply

    Hi Michelle,

    I checked your book and there is no problem. You may disregard the book preview.

26/5/2009 16:13:02
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