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Bleed around the edges? Reply

    Hey, can anybody tell me what size the bleed is for the cover? I can't figure it out and I'm having a hard time getting my images to fit properly.
10/11/2009 10:50:44

Cover size is inconsistent with book designer--I have another idea Reply

    Theoretically, the covers are 8.34" x 9.72" and the spine is 1.44" x 9.72" with grey bleed areas for the paper foldover to the interior. However, I spent about 6 hours revising my covers last night. I made the covers in PSE using Berry's instructions from this post: but the grey bleed areas in the photobook designer differ from his template. The height is shorter than the 9.72" so you can align it with the top or bottom corners, or somewhere in between. You can try to make a big size, ie. 18.12" x 9.72", which is (8.34"+1.44"+8.34") x 9.72" but don't cut it into 3 sections as indicated in the post. Instead, drag the long image into the front, spine and back covers and drag for placement.

    What worked better for me is when I created a 12x12 page filled with the background paper and made a center area of 7.25 x 7.25 to have all my important writing and photos within. Then you can move the large "cover" into position on the designer centering it by eye. I did another book this way and it was WAY easier than the template.

    Also, make your interior pages 8x8 and put all your content within the 7.25" x 7.25" center area (create new guides/margins). The cut pages in the books are actually 7 11/16" square. By adding an extra 1/4 inch on all sides, you won't be upset if the pages shift a tiny bit as they go through the printer. Let me know if this works for you.

12/11/2009 5:26:25
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