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Jennifer Reming
Picture box questions Reply

    Will the green box around my image show up in printing? I resized some of my images (in the client designer) and now there is a green box surrounding where the template was. This is ok by me but I just wanted to make sure the green wasn't going to show. Also if I have a text book and choose not to enter any text will it blend in with my blackground? I know in shutterfly it works this way.
    PS: I do have on more question- I know my images are 73 dpi, I can't resize them. I know it won't be top notch quality- but I don't really care. Is it worth printing? For the price I don't mind if it isn't the best qualitity, but if it is REALLY bad then i won't proceed with my order.

23/7/2008 3:22:06
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