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Brittany Robichaud
which design page is the correct one? Reply

    I've noticed that there are 2 separate designing pages and I was wondering which of the two I should be using and which is more accurate to the final result. One of them shows up as AjaxDesign, and the other as ClientDesigner.

    I had my design in my cart ready to order and I noticed that when I click "adjust" it takes me back to AjaxDesign which is where I originally made the design and where my design is centered properly, but when I click "view my designs" it takes me to the ClientDesigner, which I had not previously used but showed my design as off center. I'm just wondering which of these two I should believe.

    Has anyone else noticed this? or just which of the two have you used? Did your design arrive centered? I am making a skater dress and the centering is really important.
7/23/2015 10:39:10 AM
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