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Necia Jolley
Photo Book Gallery Reply

    I was just looking through the photo book gallery and was thinking of another feature that might be good to have...I was thinking that since you offer books of different sizes, you could allow a sort by size option somewhere. So that if I want to look at only 12 x 12 books or a 7 x 5 I could do that. Also for things like the 12 x 12 book or the 8 x 8 where the dimensions overall are the same it would be good to have the option when I click "make a book like this" to be able to choose which of the sizes that I would like rather than having it default to the size that the original book was.
23/7/2009 4:10:01

RE:Photo Book Gallery Reply

    hi Necia,

    Thanks for your suggestions, I have passed this suggestion to our programmers, see how to make it easier for our members.

23/7/2009 16:06:56
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