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Sheila Bendle
My Account Areas Reply

    Hi, is there anyway that we can be able to arrange our kits in the My Kits section by our own standards (like putting alphabet kits together and frame sets together, etc.) so when we go to find something it is a little more catagorized?
    I would also like to be able to arrange my Saved Designs. I don't want to remove items that I have ordered in case I want more (especially photo books, too much work to start from scratch again).
    The same goes for My Albums. There are event specific folders that I wold like to place at the bottom in case I need them again.
17/8/2009 21:54:30

RE:My Account Areas Reply

    I agree, this would make the site much easier to use, have the programmers work out a way to allow us to arrange or sort our kits and our albums. We'd like to be able to group them in some way. Right now, it is hard to have to search through all the kits or albums to select the element or the photo we want to use in a design.
26/8/2009 12:13:23
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