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Could you add the following feature? Reply

    I would love to see a way to contact designers on the kit creation page. I have wanted to contact different designers for different reasons but the only way to do it is if they are on the message board via a pm.

    Is it possible for designers selling at Artscow to have a space where they have to put up an email address to contact them? If we see a fellow designer break someone elses TOU we should be able to contact them. I have tried to contact Artscow about this matter but have not heard back from anyone. This is a serious matter. Some designers are using other peoples CU products in ways they are not intended to be used (offering the kit for free when TOU clearly state this is not allowed) and profiting off of them. If we cannot contact a designer to let her know and Artscow doesn't respond then what? (I know some don't do this intentionally, maybe they just misread the TOU of a CU designer but they need to be made aware somehow). The CU creator cannot even get ahold of them. Is there a way to fix this problem
11/12/2009 2:52:47
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