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400 free prints?? Reply

    Hello there,

    I was referred to your site from one of your customers through an email referral link. In the email referral link it said I would receive 400 free prints and a free photo book. When I used the log in info from the referral email, your website said I didn't qualify for the promotion as it wasn't a "first" time registrant. This is not true, I literally received the email today from my friend and had never even heard of your site/company before.

    Can you please look into this as I was really excited about this and your promo of the 400 free prints and photo book. It sounded almost too good to be true so when my friend and colleague told me how it's real as well as how great her photo books and various other projects turned out I had to check it out.

    If this turns out to be as cool as I was told, I will be forwarding on your site to all my friends and family. As well as potentially placing many orders myself in the future.

    Thank you for looking into this,
    Tracie Boisseau
15/7/2008 6:23:30
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