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Paula Chiu
General comments on photobooks Reply


    I received my photobooks over the holidays. Overall I'm quite happy with them. I thought I would give my 2 cents worth because I would like to continue using ArtsCow (I have tried several photobook creation websites and I find that ArtsCow is one of the best in terms of layout options) and hopefully my comments below will go towards improving ArtsCow.

    I created two 12x12 albums which consisted of my wedding photos and one 8x8 album which had my honeymoon photos.
    1. I had to create 2 wedding books because my photos did not fit onto one album (as maximum number of pages were 31) which I would've very much preferred. I'm not sure how feasible it is but is there anyway possible to allow us to add as many pages as we like to a book (Shutterfly allows users to add pages up to a max of 100 pages)?

    2. The spinal text on the books did not turn out as I had hoped - I had two lines of text and some of it ended up on the back. This was my fault as I didn't realise it was too big but I hope there is a way in the future to preview the spinal text properly. This was my biggest disappointment about the books.

    3. Overall quality of the photos are good - the 8x8 had better quality due to the photos being smaller. In one 12x12 album, a couple of photos had some smudges (light grey areas) through them.

6/1/2009 12:39:07
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