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Harris Stevens
Matching photo book cover colors Reply

    I used a pink tinted monochrome photo full-bleed as my ft.cover. I chose a background color for the spine and back cover that matches perfectly with the ft.cover tint.

    How carefully will Artscow printers match the chosen background color to the photo color tint.
    It looks fantastic on my computer (which has been color corected for screen images) but if it is "off color", it might look weird...

    From experience, do the printers actually LOOK at the book design and try to match,or do they just feed the files to the printing machine, and couldn't careless if they are close to the original?
10/4/2010 5:43:16

RE:Matching photo book cover colors Reply

    Several photobooks I have received had a variance in color than it shows on the review. A red cover looks brown. A blue one came out more navy. All were somewhat off color. The inner pages were true. Just the cover, spine, and back were strange colors. Still looks ok so I didn't complain.
11/4/2010 11:29:57

Harris Stevens
RE:Matching photo book cover colors Reply

    Well, I can'tcomment yet on MY books as they haven't been shipped yet.
    Though I know Artscow is a highly automated process, I wish there was somewhere on the order checkout form that allows you to comment about special concerns such as the above...

    It seems like even though it takes a month or so to get the books,once in the system,your order cannot be changed,or reviewed. I doubt they even inspect the boos before shipping....

    It is a shame that domestic (US) companies like Shutterfly which do a much better job overall, and turn around the books in about a week, costs so much more, about double at least....!!!
14/4/2010 0:21:35
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