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Chris Wuestefeld
Happy with my books Reply

    I just received my two photobooks (7x9 20page), and I'm very happy with them.

    The quality of the paper and the print seems very good. The book binding and material are much better than I'd expected.

    In one book I noticed that I had made a small error in aligning photos on one page. The normal view of the book while editing is too small to notice this. So I recommend to everyone that, before submitting a book for editing, zoom in on your pages all the way. Check to make sure that the edges are aligned right, and that within the boxes for the photos, you don't accidentally shift a photo so that its edge is inside the edge of its box.

    While most of the photos showed up quite stunning (if I do say so myself), I found that a few of them were rather darker than they appear on my screen (which I keep calibrated with a special meter, so I know it's not a problem with my monitor). Perhaps there's a problem with the color space recorded in the image, I'll have to check that. There was one in particular that I spent quite a bit of time on, getting the dynamic range right, and it came out far too dark.

    It appears to me that this happened on photos that started out as somewhat dark: bright sunny photos seem to come out just as bright. So you might want to slightly brighten anything that seems a bit dark to begin with.

    And of course the prices were great. Thanks, ArtsCow!
15/7/2010 23:57:11

Agnes Almario Virgo
RE:Happy with my books Reply

    Is the quality better than an 8x8 photobook?
16/7/2010 16:02:40
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