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Artscow is making it hard for me to stay... (photobook review included)- LONG Reply

    I once defended this company up and down about thier shipping times (and their shipping charges) because I sell online and I understand about the international shipping....and I choose not to ship internationally for many reasons. I normally choose not to buy internationally either. However, my first order from artscow was a test order of some 4x6 prints. I was very shocked at the quality, I was happy with my prints. Artscow started giving all this free stuff and I got sucked in, like many others. I ordered my first photobook, which was a test and I gave it as a gift. It was iffy, but hey, for the price it was worth it so I knew I would order more. Some other parents seen the book and one parent asked me to order 3 books. I only charged him the exact amount artscow charged me (I even let him have my $10 credit so he would come back). I hadn't had any problems and frankly I was tired of hearing of others peoples shipping problems and since I never had these problems I figured they were just impatient. I have quickly changed my mind.
    I ordered the 3 books on July 23rd. I waited patiently because I knew they were coming internationally. I waited a month and new it was too long to wait, my other book did not take this long and my prints arrive quickly. I emailed artscow on the 8/24/08, they responded on 8/26/08. They agreed the books were lost in the mail and arranged a reship. I was told it takes 2-3 days to print and 7-10 to deliver. At first you think that means once its preparred in the 2-3 days it will ship and should be delivered in 7-10 days. This is totally wrong, do not get confused...for one they can't tell you how long it will take the PO to deliver. It means 2-3 days to prepare and then they will SHIP in 7-10 days. My new books did not ship until 9/3/08.... so they shipped in 9 days of the return email. I recieved the books today, 9/16.
    My biggest problem is this, the person who ordered these books were not as patient as myself and he asked for a refund. I had to refund his money out of my pocket. I am now stuck with 3 books of someone elses kid. I was also in the process of organizing another book of his other son in which he wanted 3 books made. He has cancelled that order.
    Now, I understand they are coming from Hong Kong and I myself understand sometimes the mail just sucks and that's not artscows fault. I applaud artscow for making it right. They were just not quick enough getting the new set of books out to keep a customer. This customer would have bought many books in the future. I am thinking of giving him the books because for one I don't have anything to do with them and for two, perhaps he will see them and love them and change his mind and forgive.... be willing to wait next time. I just don't want to be caught in the middle again.
    ...Ok, so on to the review...
    I checked all 3 books over. I was happier with the cover of these books then the first. I used the template and my cover was off center on the first book. These look pretty good. The spine was damaged on my first book. The spines are much better on these books, except the very bottom of all 3, they are squihed. If these were my books it wouldn't be a big deal to me. I didn't think I had to worry about the quality because he ordered from the first book he seen so he knew the quality. I am sorry to say I am glad he didn't pay for these because these are really off (but sucks I am out the money). Most of the pages have a strong red tint, a few have a strong yellow tint. My monitor is calibrated and I ordered most of these in 4x6 - from artscow and they were beautiful. They did not have this tint.

    I was confident artscow would make it right so I went ahead and ordered more 4x6 prints while still waiting for the books. They arrived in a timely manner and were great.

    I do think I will still use artscow, just I will be more selective. I will make sure if any of my parents are ordering books that I let them know turn around time is 1-2 months. This way if there are any problems they can not complain. I told this parent 3 weeks , and I was going off of the first photobook order.

    On another note... I also wondered, when I placed the order for my prints I used the order button of my 4x6 prints that were expiring soonest (9/17). When I logged in the next time I noticed those credits were still there, so they were taken from some that had a while to expire.... so I had some that were expiring the 17th. I logged in today (16th) to go ahead and use those credits... and now they are gone. I admit I have a ton of credits so I can't tell you where the original prints went and I am not asking for any more prints, but I know I did not see things lol. Maybe they accidently took them from another date and then took the ones that were ending soonest and recredited some others, I don't know. I was just wondering if anyone else had this problem? I know I logged in a couple days ago and it said I had 50 4x6 prints expiring on the 17th.

    So even though I am walking on shells here I am planning to order some more prints (because I haven't had problems with those at all) and I am going to chance some other things, like keychains, maybe a dog tag or an ornament. I may also chance another book, but, for myself.

    It seems the larger artscow gets the more problems they are starting to have
17/9/2008 6:40:19

Admin1 Capricorn
RE:Artscow is making it hard for me to stay... (photobook review included)- LONG Reply

    Thank you for your comments, efforts and your long-term support towards
    It is a truth that we are growing and we are perfecting our systems to make our members happy.

    For the photo books printing issue. We already had Xerox senior consultants to select the best color profile for the comprised result.
    (Please understand that we are using the Top-Class model of the industry, iGen3, for photo book production)

    We can promise that we will try our best efforts to minimize the shipping problem. And at least to resolve it, if any arise.

    We are offering the best price and product to a level that is barely CANNOT cover our cost.
    What we are doing is to build-up goodwills and attracting new members.

    Thank you reading this long reply. And hoping we are not losing any rational and supportive members like you do!
17/9/2008 10:20:39
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