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Poor quality printing on black shirts Reply

    Just an FYI...I have ordered a lot of custom photo items from Artscow and have been happy with the quality but I have to admit that there t-shirt printing it hit and miss. Normally it ranges from good to tolerable but my latest order was simply bad. It was a simple white image with white lettering on a black shirt. But what I got was far from acceptable. The image and lettering were all blurred, front and back. The image was above the recommended resolution and as crisp as could be. I contacted customer service, sending clear pictures show the fault and received the simple "send it back" brush off. Not only would I have to pay to send it back to Hong Kong but there was a 15% restocking (?!) fee. It was $7! It would cost me that much in postage.

    So, beware if you print on black shirts. You may get something you will be embarrassed to wear.[/B][/B]
5/24/2016 12:53:58 PM
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