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unhappy with recent order... Reply

    I have recently ordered over 100 prints and i have pics that have heads cut off. Thesse are all for clients and now i have headless ppl. there is no way to adjust the picsture so that heads are not cut off. I have about 15 pictures where the entire head is cut off or parts of their heads are missing.
    can you set up somehting so that we can adjust the crop so that it wont cut off heads?? i really like the quality of the prints that i get from your company so i really dont want to have to go to a different company to get stuff printed correctly.
26/9/2008 10:04:05

RE:unhappy with recent order... Reply

    Hi Heather,

    After you have added the photos into cart. You can always adjust the image by change the Horizontal Offset and Vertical Offset to prevent this issue. Thank you.

26/9/2008 10:36:12
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