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Andrew Sawatske
Very poor customer service Reply

    I am a professional photographer and ordered 6 8x8 photo books in one shipment. Three arrived in one package, and two in another separate package. Both on the same day. The 6th book was missing. Email sent and I was told that no, I had received the book. 5 emails later I got my point across that the book was missing. I was then told it was shipped. However this was not the book, it was another book I had ordered. Despite quoting the order number each and every time I communicated with whoever it was answering emails.
    Surely looking up an order number is within the ability level of your staff? yes?
    After 4 weeks of waiting a persistent email the book was FINALLY reprinted and resent.
    In return for being totally stuffed around I was offered two free 8x8 books of which I already has 7 in credit and NO FREE SHIPPING. So in reality, with the stupidly high shipping charges, the books are not free at all.
    Very very poor and I will be not using Artscow anymore and recommendation all my friends, family and work colleagues do the same!
3/9/2009 17:24:17
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