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Eduard Kraychik
Order still not received Reply


    I e-mailed customer service, but did not get any response.
    I placed my order number 1387826 almost a month ago, but still have not received anything. Please, let me know what further actions need to be taken.

    I ordered many time from your web-site and was always very happy and also referred a lot of friends to you. I still want my product and I am still hoping to get it before the holidays. I am also hoping you will get back to me before I start any actions with my credit card company.

    Thank you.
17/12/2009 5:42:26

RE:Order still not received Reply

    Ahhhh it seems we are in the same boat! My books were shipped on Oct 29th. I just want my books and dread going thru VISA but it is very frustrating when Customer Service, who was answering my emails just stopped doing so. Any re assurance would be appreciated!
    Please let me know how you make out!
23/12/2009 4:27:29
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