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From Estonia With Love Reply


    Two Estonians, Margus and Kariina, set out on a motorcycle journey around the world. They completed the circle 1,127 days later, having ridden more than 170,000 kilometres through 70 countries on all continents except Antarctica. Surviving altitude sickness in the high plains of Bolivia, riding the Dalton Highway in Alaska, being evacuated by army in Pakistan, and spending eleven nights in the no man’s land between Angola and Democratic Republic of Congo are just a few of the adventures they lived through while on the road.The book that we published in our mother tongue, Estonian, was awarded the Travel Book of the Year. We've had too many requests to have the book in English, hence it was a natural step to make it happen.

    For more information you can visit here:
    Explainer Video Production

8/5/2018 14:32:48

RE:From Estonia With Love Reply

11/5/2018 3:53:03
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