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HELP!! Prints arrived very damaged and Have not received Book yet Reply


    I just received part of my order (#378157), the 8X10 print, and it arrived completely damaged. It looks like as if someone tore pieces off of it. I have sent an email with attached Pictures to show you. I would like my a refund. I am really disappointed. I also order a book (which hasn't arrived yet!!!) and I hope it doesn't come completely damaged as well. I was so excited when I found your store, and I was planning on ordering so many books and pictures, because I just got married and I have tons of pictures I wanted to print and make into books, but now I am worried that everything will arrive damaged. For your high shipping prices (which I originally had no problem with because you base prices are great) I would expect that you ship out the prints more protected.

    Please reply back ASAP letting my know when you will refund the cost of the print, and please let me know when I should expect to receive the 8x8 book that I already ordered. Also let me know how the book was shipped, because this is a gift for my new in-laws (1 of the many books I am working on and wanted to buy through you store, but now I'm not so sure) and I am worried it will also arrive damaged.

    I wanted to order more prints from you, but now I don't know :(
23/7/2008 7:21:28

Meaghan Aries
RE:HELP!! Prints arrived very damaged and Have not received Book yet Reply

    hey, i dont work here, but thought i could atleast help with you being able to see how the item is shipped.

    Its tightly packed inside a foam casing... go to this persons wedding book review and she has pictures of her opening it so people can see how it is packaged

23/7/2008 22:45:10
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