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Erwin Puts Book - The Leica Compendium Reply


    I have a copy of Erwin Puts book The Leica Compendium which I bought some years ago as reference material. Puts' book is a classic of its type and concentrates on Leica's lenses over the years with lots of technical assessments of each. But I had never bothered to read the early chapters until recently. In those chapters he talks somewhat about the history, the optical design challenges faced by Leitz and some of the struggles they had had in meeting them in those days before computers made the job easier. The thing that struck me was that this relatively small firm, E. Leitz and Co (which was the firm's name before they changed it to Leica - naming their firm after their camera) really had some difficult challenges to meet. Their range of lenses usually had to be quite small because of the huge technical and other challenges of designing new optical designs , those challenges also included the immense cost and time expenditure, getting the new glass types needed for them to work was also an issue, then meeting the engineering challenges of building them at the quality / cost trade offs that would work in their segment of the market only added to the difficulties of bringing new lenses to market. I had not quite realized that new lens designs sometimes just could not be built when the designs were sent to the engineering department because the technology to make them was still not there. Even then the challenges were not over as Leica's time honored production methods used highly skilled technicians to assemble parts into lenses and cameras.

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8/5/2018 14:30:27

RE:Erwin Puts Book - The Leica Compendium Reply

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11/5/2018 4:01:16

RE:Erwin Puts Book - The Leica Compendium Reply

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