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Just published my first book, SEEING Reply


    It's not a typical Photography book exactly. Rather it's a crossover book combining insights, earned the hard way, with images that can either give you a break between the insights, or give you a starting point to take the insights even further into places words can not go. The two words used most frequently to describe this book by independent bookstore owners, professionals and readers who have seen it so far are “inspiring” and “beautiful.” I took it to a Photography portfolio review in San Francisco last March and there I met David Bayles (who traded a back cover blurb for an advance proof copy) and Ted Orland, the co-authors of “Art and Fear.” They both loved what I had done and urged me to self-publish as they have. Photographer, mentor and friend, Connie Imboden wrote the Foreword.

    For more information you can visit here:
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8/5/2018 14:34:17

RE:Just published my first book, SEEING Reply

11/5/2018 3:49:54
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