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Where Are Drum Machine Designer Kits Saved? Reply


    I was really hoping to find this answer on my own or by doing a search here on the forum. No Luck. Maybe I'm too tired...
    I customized the Drum Machine Designer kit "Big Room" earlier and immediately went to save it. Instead of taking me to the directories where I'd normally find other channel strip patches, it took me to the directory for the project I'm working on. No problem, but...
    I would like to save a copy of this DMD patch alongside the DMD patches which ship with Logic but can't find the directory.
    This would make it easier for me to reuse the kit in a new song rather than navigating to far-off folders via the library.
    Does anyone happen to know where the Drum Machine Designer's default kits are saved?

    Please help.

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29/5/2018 13:43:53
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