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Poor Customer Service regarding poor quality book Reply

    Let me start by saying I have been a customer for over 10 years, I have ordered over 50 books and spent over $2,000 on photo books. I have always been satisfied with the quality of the regular books. The pictures have always been clear and sharp. I have ordered book ranging in size from 8x8 to 12x12. My latest book (an 8x8) is not of the same quality. It is pixelated, grainy and dull.

    All I want is a replacement book provided at your cost as there was obviously an error in printing as this book is not the quality I have come to expect.

    I have emailed and called customer service and I have been told I cannot get a replacement unless I am willing to pay shipping.

    Please help me with this situation so I can continue to be a satisfied customer. At this point I am not comfortable ordering future books.
1/5/2019 10:07:38
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