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Who are your favorite ukulele players to listen to? Reply

    Anyone have recommendations for good, unique ukulele players on Youtube, insta, etc? Not really looking for the top, professional players (JS, the Hawaiian music supply guys, James Hill, etc), but more so the content creators. Right now, some of my favorites are:

    Evan J De Silva: Such an incredibly talented kid, plays music from different cultures, genres, and eras with so much passion, and has really high level recordings

    Taimane: Everyone knows Taimane, she's so unique in the way she plays the instrument.

    Amos Lim: More of a guitar player playing the ukulele, but still has a really cool sound. Doesn't really produce much content anymore though.

    If anyone knows of any really cool sounding ukulele players (singing or soloing), please let me know!
9/16/2021 3:09:27 PM

RE:Who are your favorite ukulele players to listen to? Reply

    Hello Finnely, as you are talking about Ukulele and the different resources people use to learn this amazing instrument, so here I will help you with some that tried a few years back. One of them is DoctorUke, on this website you will gain access to song listings and ukulele chords that can help you in learning about the basics. Not only that but here you will be able to gain access to a number of resources that guide you in the best way possible to help you in learning and understanding some of the music theory behind this unique tool. Probably you have heard about the ukulele more than once in case you're into musical instruments. You can also try out the Stewart Greenhill website as all the information being provided here is in a simple and easy-to-understand format and let ukulele players find exactly what they’re looking for as a starter.
9/16/2021 4:52:19 PM
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