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Very pleased Reply

    I have finally recived all of my items from my first order and I ordered the 1 design playing cards (Wonderful by the way), a mouse pad (very very nice), and the glasses clothes....
    I am so very pleased with everything.... esp my 8x8 book and prints!!!!

    I will not complain about the shipping either.... I paid something like 39.00 for 46 4x6 prints 13 5x7 prints 2 8x10, 2 glasses clothes, 1 deck of cards, 1 mouse pad, and 1 8x8 book.... then as I have been watching the postage on the packages.... the 4x6's and 5x7's alone was 28.00 for them to ship to me... then the book was marked 33.10, and the cards, mouse pad, and the glasses cloths were 25.10... I don't remember what was on the 8 x 10 but I am sure that it was greater than 5.00... which means I paid 39.00 to them and they paid, 91.00 to ship this to me... plus I didn't have to pay for any of the products......WOW!!!!!!

    Thank you Artscow
6/8/2008 3:02:08

Gina Capricorn
RE:Very pleased Reply

    Just wondering how long it took for your order (mainlythe playing cards) to get to your home?
12/8/2008 6:12:41

RE:RE:Very pleased Reply

    Hi Gina,

    The production time is 2-3 working days and shipping time is around 7-9 working days. You can expected to receive the order on these days. Thank you.



    >Just wondering how long it took for your order (mainlythe playing cards) to get to your home?
12/8/2008 10:58:53

RE:RE:RE:Very pleased Reply

    Well no, not always. My order for playing cards was placed on April 8 and they were still not received as of April 20 which is the outside of the range given above. I received an e-mail saying they had shipped 9 days after the order was placed..not 2-3.
21/4/2009 22:12:42

RE:Very pleased Reply

    Sometimes things happen. Carriers sometimes get issues on delivery with the address. But overall, shipping is quick.
    Photo Designing Newbie
3/6/2012 2:23:16
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