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Brittany Kohl Capricorn
Cigarette Money Case Review (pictures included) Reply

    I love this case, the picture is great! All around a good product, and I'm glad I ordered it!

    *any fuzziness is due to my camera and not the product itself. hard to photograph silver metal...
17/8/2008 5:04:47

RE:shipping cost? Reply

    what was your shipping cost on this?

    i haven't ordered before, so don't know what shipping costs are incurred while ordering any of these items that are on my list.

7/8/2009 22:45:35

Elizabeth F
RE:RE:shipping cost? Reply

    look at the bottom of any page - you will see a link for "Shipping Fees." It lists all shipping fees.
8/8/2009 2:08:22
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