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Lasheena Ponds
12X12 Photo book Reply

    Does anyone know when the 12X12 photo books will be available?. I was starting to do a photo book but would rather want the bigger size. It is for my Granny, She stays in another state and really doesn't get to see me and my children. Two of them she hasn't seen before. If it comes out soon I may as well wait for it before I start on the smaller size.
18/8/2008 21:33:29

RE:12X12 Photo book Reply

    They only just released the calendars so it might be a few weeks yet....

    i'm sure you grandma will love them once she gets them either way
18/8/2008 21:52:29

RE:12X12 Photo book Reply

    yeah not too sure about his one either. Since the calendars just started it might be a while. They are going at it one at a time. If you ready the stuff they write on that first page, it should give you an idea on the amount of time it took to get from 8x8 books to calendars.

    Sorry I know we are not much help

    Berry? William?
19/8/2008 0:11:46
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