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WOW I'm amazed.. (pictures included) Reply

    I for sure was pleased when I got my package in the mail this morning.
    I ordered a pack of cards (turned out amazing)
    and some ornaments which I love.. will make great gifts.
    And not to mention the photo book.. simply WOW.
    the quality of all of the products are very impressive..
    will definitely order again..:)

    Thanks Artscow.
19/8/2008 7:38:14

RE:WOW I'm amazed.. Reply

    Wow they are very nice. The only reason I traded mine away is because everybody in my family already has way too many ornaments so we all have to leave a good amount in storage every year. But if we didn't, I definitely would order some of these
19/8/2008 9:04:31

Lisa Roberts
RE:WOW I'm amazed.. (pictures included) Reply

    Hey they look fantastic. How annoyed am I to find out that Hotmail has been blocking my emails from ArtsCow so I missed out on the ornaments. Grrrr
11/3/2009 13:16:07

RE:RE:WOW I'm amazed.. (pictures included) Reply

7/11/2010 0:14:24

RE:WOW I'm amazed.. (pictures included) Reply

    Very nice. We did you get those pics to be set up on a pendant? Is it from here as well?
    Photo Designing Newbie
3/6/2012 22:17:55

RE:WOW I'm amazed.. (pictures included) Reply

    That's an amazing personalized gift idea for family member or loved one.
17/8/2014 0:07:23

RE:WOW I'm amazed.. (pictures included) Reply

    The image quality is excellent. Very nice.
14/9/2014 5:38:21
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