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photo book review Reply

    hi there! can someone please check my photo book "Abby's first year"? Thank you so much for your help. :)
12/9/2008 11:58:42

RE:photo book review Reply

    Hi Kyda,

    I have checked your photo book (Abby's first year 09/12/2008 11:55:27), and here some points to note:

    There are gray area around pages, which we call bleeding area, they are used for binding book edge. We suggest you to cover them all because it will become white border after printed, and result ugly looking usually.

    But note that do not make words on bleeding area, or they will be cut.

    All of your pages leave bleeding area, so you have to re-edit them again.

    Like the front cover, the background is not fit, so you can use "Fit" function. You can also use "Fit" on pages without words around bleeding area, like page 3. But like page 2, words will be cut. You have to remake it.

13/9/2008 9:57:53
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