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Need help with my account. Reply

    I recently placed 3 orders. the only one that I got an e-mail confirmation on was order #458280 , the 3rd order was for 4 watches and 1 letter opener. I went to go pay for it with paypal and realized that my paypal account was under a different e-mail. I e-mailed the company using the contact us link and explained that I needed the money taken from the paypal account with a different e-mail, because I tried to change the e-mail on my profile to match the paypal account and it was too late. Then later I went to log back in and couldn't. I tried all day yesterday and today and had no luck. I was trying to check on my orders and my husband wanted me to order some more things. I e-mailed the company about this also 2 days ago. I went back and re-registered hoping that it would go back to my original account because it kept saying that my e-mail wasn't regconized. Now I have lost everything. I am trying to find out what is going on with my 3 orders, and if there is any way I can get the credits back that I didn't use. PLEASE HELP!!!!!
17/9/2008 5:37:29
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