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photo book review Reply

    I ordered 3 photobooks on August 23 and just recieved them today Sept, 18. That was a 26 day wait. Other than that my book is okay quality, the thing I do not like is the numbers on the pages, I would not have ordered had I known there would be little numbers on every single page...
19/9/2008 6:34:14

RE:photo book review Reply

    please note that there is an option to make those disappear - you have to uncheck the numbers page box.
19/9/2008 6:44:33

RE:photo book review Reply

    Hi Katrina,

    You can uncheck the box at the right bottom corner named "Show page number".

    Feel free to email us if you have question on design next time.

19/9/2008 16:08:45
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