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Shared coupon calamity!! Reply

    I'm only very new to all this so please bare with me! Firstly, my sister grabbed one of my codes for a photobook that was soon to expire. it added to her list of credits no problems and still had over an hour to expire when she went to checkout...the problem is, that when after she compleated checkout and went back to her credits, it listed the photobook credit from me as expired, and used one of her other (later to expire) credits...... Is there anyway we can fix this?

    The other problem we are having is that she sent me an email with some codes she found and when I went to add them to my credit page thingy it said...'one per household' or something like that..... I hadn't used the code before so was wondering what went wrong?

    Any help / suggestions?
12/11/2008 18:50:34
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