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Deal on buttons Reply

    Here is an email regarding a special on buttons that I received.

    Get Button of your own favorite designs at $0.99/each up with free shipping.

    No Quantity limit!!
    Order now & Share with your friends!!!

    1" Button $0.99/each
    1.75" Button $0.99/each
    2.25" Button $0.99/each
    3" Button $1.49/each
    1" Button Earrings $1.99/each pair

    Checkout Code : 99BUTTONS
    Expires on 12/31/2008
1/12/2008 23:51:39

Alan Poh Aquarius
RE:Deal on buttons Reply

    If u r ordering size 2.25 & below, note that if u order >3 pieces, do not use the checkout code if u have free credits, credits will be cheaper due to low shipping on subsequent pieces. For 3", it will be >4. Earring is >2.

    >1" Button $0.99/each
    >1.75" Button $0.99/each
    >2.25" Button $0.99/each
    >3" Button $1.49/each
    >1" Button Earrings $1.99/each pair
    >Checkout Code : 99BUTTONS
    >Expires on 12/31/2008
2/12/2008 14:07:53

Esperanza Dodge
RE:Deal on buttons Reply

    Anyone got a similar code that isn't expired? I'd really like to make some buttons or earrings. Thanks!
24/1/2009 15:15:03
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