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Chelsey Austin Capricorn
Ornament and Dog Tag Necklace review (with pics) - Fantastic! Reply

    To start, I was very pleased with the shipping time. When I made my first order with Artscow it seemed to take forever for it to get here, but this one went by very fast, which surprised me because of the holiday season. This is my second time ordering. And I have to say I have been impressed with everything so far. I have a heart keychain, a photobook, 54 photo playing cards, a business card holder, ornaments, and dogtags.

    Sorry the photos aren't the best quality, it is the lighting and my camera, not the products.

    Okay, I am VERY pleased with the ornaments! They are fantastic quality. They are the perfect weight, and the printing was done very well. They came out much clearer than it looks in my photo. I would buy these at regular price. I would defiantly recommend them to anyone, I actually wish I would have ordered more when I had the coupons =)

    I was in between on the dog tag necklaces, don't get me wrong, I love them and I think they are awesome. But if you know anything about printing, it looks like they were printed at 72 dpi instead of 300 dpi, and I know I uploaded high res images. So I would say the printing on this is mediocre, perhaps it is because they are so small. They just aren't as "sharp" and clear as I thought they would be. I am still very happy with them, and would purchase again if they had a deal going on. I wouldn't buy them at their original price of 9$ But on the plus side, the are very light weight and the give you a very large chain, I was able to slip it right over my head. Below are some pictures, I "packaged" them myself, so ignore that =)

2/12/2008 23:38:43

RE:Ornament and Dog Tag Necklace review (with pics) - Fantastic! Reply

    Wow I love your packaging idea for the dogtags. I might have to ... er.... borrow that
3/12/2008 1:32:13

Chelsey Austin Capricorn
RE:RE:Ornament and Dog Tag Necklace review (with pics) - Fantastic! Reply

    =) go ahead! I used 5x7 poly bags, but you could really use any size. I cut scrapbooking paper to fit and little slits to hold the necklace in place, and tape on the back to help hold it, with another piece of paper to cover the taping and chain. I also printed descriptions of the fairy's and my website on a different piece of paper and slid it in the back. I am hoping to sell them at local stores =) All art is mine btw, I am a fairy and portrait artist.
3/12/2008 5:15:54

RE:RE:RE:Ornament and Dog Tag Necklace review (with pics) - Fantastic! Reply

    Oh yeah that is definitely a good idea if you are selling them. Mine were just photo ones w/ name/address to use as bagtags I just think it would dress up the gift a bit to do this
3/12/2008 5:49:33

Christine B Capricorn
RE:RE:RE:RE:Ornament and Dog Tag Necklace review (with pics) - Fantastic! Reply

    How adorable!! Everything looks great!!! Very cute packaging idea too.
4/12/2008 10:09:47
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