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Shipping Questions!!! Reply

    i was just wondering are we supposed to get an email letting us know our stuff has shipped? because when i go to order status it says shipped, and if it has been shipped does anyone know how long it usually takes? does it all come in 1 box? i ordered differnt things but all at the same time!!
3/12/2008 7:28:32

RE:Shipping Questions!!! Reply

    They say around 7-10 business days plus a few extra for holidays. However in reality, it can take anywhere from 2 weeks to a month (or longer) and there is no way to track it (unless you did fedex). The shipments are broken up into different packages and you might get one part way before another.
3/12/2008 7:50:13

RE:RE:Shipping Questions!!! Reply

    wow, thats weird!! i ordered a money clip, 2 puzzles, deck of cards, watch, do you think they will come together? or are they to random? i hope this all works out these are christmas gifts, and i'm wanting to order more, but i don't know if i should wait and see how they turn out and see how long shipping takes, or if i should just order more stuff
3/12/2008 13:17:27

Alan Poh Aquarius
RE:RE:RE:Shipping Questions!!! Reply

    >prints usually come faster as it is easily done, followed by photobooks & other items (due to recent specials, these took longer than usual). I had received mails telling me when items are shipped, think it is a new initiative.
3/12/2008 14:28:16

RE:Shipping Questions!!! Reply

    ok, but where you can check the order status it says shipped, but i never got an email? does that mean it hasn't been shipped?
4/12/2008 8:39:13

Christine B Capricorn
RE:RE:Shipping Questions!!! Reply

    In the past that did mean your order or part of it did ship. But I have been reading in some peoples posts that it says shipped in the status (weeks ago) but they just now received an email different items of their orders had been shipped. I know that this did not help give you any conclusive answers but at least you do not have misconceptions of what to expect.

    I have an order from 11/21 that says it shipped but I just received my pictures in the mail on Monday (pretty decent timing)but I never received an email saying they had been shipped, then I received an email that 12/2 that my dog tags had been shipped and that all of the packages in my order had been shipped but they never sent an email about the Photo Book on the same order that has not arrived. I placed an order for photo gifts earlier that day and I have not heard anything about them either. And I am still waiting on a Calendar from an order placed on 11/15. The rest of that order has arrived including a Photo Book but I never received any emails about these items either.

    So I think they are just trying to send these updates out for the photo gifts but they are not consistant. I think for a definite answer your best bet would be to email customer service with the order number and ask if and when it shipped and if it all shipped together and at the same time. Sorry this could not be of more help only more confusion.
4/12/2008 10:31:30
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