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Cindy WElch
cant add page 23 Reply

    I have a 12 x 12 book and I need to page 23, it will not do it, it jumps up to 30 how can i add just one more page which is page 23
3/12/2008 15:38:47

RE:cant add page 23 Reply

    Sorry, no page 23 for 12x12.

    Only with 20, 21, 30, 31 pages option.

10/1/2009 9:49:05

RE:RE:cant add page 23 - what about for 8x8? Reply

    >Sorry, no page 23 for 12x12.
    >Only with 20, 21, 30, 31 pages option.

    i worked on a photo book some time ago, but got way too frustrated since the software kept acting up. i had the thing completed except for perhaps 1 page, & then i was told that the software messed it up, so i'd have to redo. i was so annoyed with the whole thing that i haven't been back since.

    now i need to know if i can still do something with this photobook i'd created (& spent hours with). if not, how do i "re-create" it the very easiest way?

    i had credits for free photobooks, plus for free shipping, but now i don't see the free shipping (unless it's some checkout code i have to enter elsewhere). i'd like the same deal BEFORE the frustration with this place & its software set in.

    here's the link: (delete that part if you think it shouldn't be included in this forum)
11/2/2009 13:16:35
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