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Tafline Sullivan
RE:RE:Features request and new products suggestions are welcome all the time. Reply

    >I would like to be able to share my photos and my saved designs, not just my photobooks. On Snapfish and Shutterfly, I can send a link to my albums to my family, and they can order their own prints. That would be great if we could get that here, as well. I want to send my 12x12 pages to my mother-in-law without having to build a photobook to do it. And my 4x6 prints. She would order if I could send her my photos.

    I second this - artscow, you would get a lot more business if you allowed us to share our albums with friends and family (not just photobooks). Then those people would be introduced to your site and would order off of it.
16/1/2009 23:10:04
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