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Photo book cover Reply

    I would like a plain blue colored background on the front, side and back of the book cover.
    1. Is this an option?
    2. I clicked background and just placed a blue background for the cover, but the triangle came up (not by the photograph) but in the gray area of the cover. It reads 249 dpi. I am wondering why it is happening with the background.

    Thank you!
23/1/2009 0:54:17

RE:Photo book cover Reply

    If you are interested in a solid background for your cover, click on the cover then click "back color" and select a color instead of dragging a solid color background on there (those are not meant to be that big) and it will work. They have lots of colors available in the "back color" drop down menu.
23/1/2009 2:12:18

RE:Photo book cover Reply

    Problem fixed already. Thanks.
23/1/2009 17:18:04
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