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Sharon Deveney
Adding Text to photo book Reply

    is there any way to add text to your photo book - like on top of the picture you've put there???
1/2/2009 6:49:12

RE:Adding Text to photo book Reply

    Just click on the page you want it on and click the "add text" button at top. Then you can drag it wherever you want including over top of photos. If you add the photo box after the text box then over on the right at the top, there is an option to move things to the top or bottom but forget what exactly they are called. But you would just click on the textbox then "move up" or "move top"... whatever it's called.
2/2/2009 8:14:22

Junjie Ang
RE:RE:Adding Text to photo book Reply

    Does anyone have a problem with choosing the background colour of the text or adding a border to the text added? I want to add a 'text box' with a white background instead of having text over the pictures which is a lot harder to read. I tried to edit the background colors of the text but it didn't turn out.
3/2/2009 0:28:45
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