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trouble with photobook codes Reply

    tammys photobook- you already looked over it this actually but I'm having trouble using my codes, it says its expired. the free 20 pages one. I start my photobook awhile ago, but was pushed off until now, I have 30 pages... Can you help please? Can I also you my free 8x8 pages? This is my first photobook.

    Thanks in advance!

    - tammy
2/2/2009 17:07:42

RE:trouble with photobook codes Reply

    Next time, please choose product id: 317 , 20page photo books, thanks.

    You can use the coupon codes here ($11.99 for 30p book, with free shipping) :

    By the way, the image of back cover is blurry, DPI is too low. You'd better use another 1MB or above image.

    And don't click on Generate button, unless you want to transfer credits to other members. (Credits will be auto applied during checkout process, shipping fees are not included.)

2/2/2009 22:35:05
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