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karrie loughridge
please review my photobook Reply

    can you please review my a2z disney photobook and let me know if it looks okay, some of the things in the preview looked a little close to the edge.
15/2/2009 14:13:33

RE:please review my photobook Reply

    hi Karrie,

    Just reviewed the book for you. Lots of letters inside the grey bleed area will be trimmed.

    Next time, when you are creating the photo books, you MUST allow 1/8" - 1/4" bleed area for trimming.

    My suggestion for you is to:

    1. recreate the scrapbook pages.


    2. Click "zoom out" 5 times in our book designer for each scrapbook pages, the result will be much more better.

    By the way, there are about 4-5 pages are in blank, in the finished book, you will get blank white pages, as you previewed.

15/2/2009 16:53:08
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