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Ideas for Photobooks Reply

    I just received an email from another photo website and just thought it would be nice to have a place to post ideas for photo books.... These were the ones in the email...

    Family Recipe Book
    Cook up some fun with a book devoted to your favorite dishes and secret family recipes. Each page can feature a photo of the finished dish and the recipe.

    Kid's Artwork
    Collect your child's masterpieces into a book for easy sharing and preserving. Just scan or take a photo of the artwork and add to a photo book.

    Thought I would share these ideas...

20/2/2009 4:05:30

valerie nguyen
RE:Ideas for Photobooks Reply

    Sounds great.
    Thanks for sharing
18/3/2009 10:44:47

RE:Ideas for Photobooks Reply

    Thanks, I love the idea of sharing our ideas.

    I just did a book with my son's sight words for kindergarten.

    My sister is working on a color book to teach her preschoolers their colors.

    I am going to try and do a book of recipes that my kids can make for the nights they cook dinner that will be easy for them to read and that will have photo instructions for them.

    I am also going to do a book that has all of the articles i have had published in it.

    Keep the ideas coming...I am always looking for more ideas to use up those great photo book credits!!
24/3/2009 1:00:59

Lyn Clarke
RE:Ideas for Photobooks Reply

    I have used free books to type up my trip reports. My plan is to have all my travel books and trip reports with me when I am old in the nursing home so I will always have good memories around me!!
24/3/2009 19:25:42
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