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Suggestion for "Hot Deals" section Reply

    Instead of 2 different forums where people are posting their codes, I would like to see one where people can offer/trade codes and the other dedicated to "ISO - In Search Of" where people can ask for specific codes they're looking for. I think it would streamline the sections a lot and make things easier to find.
8/4/2009 2:49:10

Elizabeth F
RE:Suggestion for "Hot Deals" section Reply

    I like this suggestion. Or if it is left as is, it should be made clear that "Hot Deals" refers only to codes that EVERYONE can use (these are the ones that get emailed to us) and the the Discount exchange section is for trading personal, one-time-use codes. At least that is what I thought the difference is supposed to be. No point in having the exact same type of forum in two places - some people even put their post in both places.
8/4/2009 3:51:10
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