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Paul Van Scott
Upside down pictures Reply

    First let me say I've been VERY happy with ArtsCow and have spent a ton of money here. Unfortunatly today I recieved my first mistake. I ordered 2 lighters with the same image on both of them and they both arrived with the image upside down. I re-checked the order page and they were correct there.
12/4/2009 7:57:43

RE:Upside down pictures Reply

    Sometimes, all products are made to order manually by our staff, human errors happen sometimes.

    Please contact our c.s., they will help you, thanks.

12/4/2009 13:52:27

Paul Van Scott
RE:RE:Upside down pictures Reply

    It's now been almost 4 days since I contacted customer service with no response. The page said it would be 24-36 hours response time. Please help. Thnaks
15/4/2009 1:08:49
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